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Name: Katy
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Name: Kotaro Mochizuki
Age: 10
Canon: Black Blood Brothers
Canon point: End of series

Like most ten year olds Kotaro is friendly and likes making friends. He grew up in the remote sanctuary of the Dark Princess of the North and outside of the Princess, her guardian, his brother and a bear named Grand Duke Bowwow met no one, and therefore is not very knowledgeable about the outside world; though he learns a lot as his brother and he travel to the Special Zone. Their aim of their journey is for Kotaro to make friends, and it is a task he excels at.

He is friendly to everyone, polite even when he thinks people are bad. He trusts people far too easily but also believes that the risk of trusting people is worth it if you get to help them. He describes him and his brother as "Vampires of Justice" and says he wants to be one of the good guys, and so wont join up with someone who claims to be a bad person. Because he spent most his life relatively alone he struggles to know what words to use in conversation- and so often chooses the option of all of them. He talks a lot If he's not talking then he's humming or singing or generally reacting loudly to the things he seems around him; though when the occasion calls for it and his brother tells him to, he can be silent.

Everything is exciting to Kotaro, big cities, oceans, pretty buildings. He is incredibly excitable and can act a lot younger than ten. However in times of trouble he can be incredibly brave. Although he has absolutely no fighting ability, he will still attempt to protect others and help his brother when he can. Despite his utter lack in fighting skills Kotaro does have an incredibly pain threshold, he is often thrown into walls, or into the ground, at one point he has tea thrown at him and falls from a second story window. And though it hurts him it's nothing he doesn't forget a few moments later.

Kotaro has spent his life being protected by his brother, but it has not made him soft. Indeed his brother is incredibly strict with him and quick to punish him for disobedience. Kotaro adores his big brother though and it is very obvious that despite the strictness the feeling is returned. Jiro will do anything for Kotaro, and not just because he is his last of his bloodline.

Kotarou is a vampire from an incredibly old bloodline, more than that he is the reincarnation of the source blood herself. He doesn't know this though, and will not know this until it is time for her to emerge in a few years. However some of her traits have been passed on to him. As well as physical looks Kotaro sometimes speaks as Alice did, with formal old fashioned speech patterns that would fit better in Victorian London than in the modern day. Most of the time his speech is normal, this quirk only comes through when he is impassioned about something or trying to prove a point to his brother.

Most of the time though Kotaro is just a typical ten year old child, with a thirst for adventure and a huge appetite, especially for sweet things. He enjoys drawing and painting (often on walls) and will befriend anyone, human, vampire or teddy bear.

Name: Eve

Form: A teddy bear that is almost as big as Kotaro

  • Flight
  • Durability Boost
  • Vitality Boost
  • Belief
  • Vampirism

Lost memories:
  • How to fold paper planes
  • That Zelman Clock could burn things with his eyes
  • That the Lord Dragon was the brother of the Dark Princess of the North
  • His brothers name
  • Chan's death
  • That sunlight and running water do not affect him like his brother
  • How to use cutlery
  • What kind of creature Grand Duke Bowwow was
  • That graffiti is bad, and he's not supposed to do it.
  • That he and his brother can walk up walls.


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