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Name: Kotaro Mochizuki
School: Conquest
Dorm: White 2-A (With Cirno, America and Tear)
Job: Works in a toy shop
Current State: Alive
Wiki: Here


Aisha Clanclan: She was Kotaro's Player during Round 6 and they went into the dungeon together.

Alex Furest: They met on the platform before Round 6. Kotaro explained to him why they were here and about the game. Kotaro told him his brother was coming, Alex said they could win the game and be heroes.

Alice Margatroid: Kotaro hugged her on Red Day. She was Marisa's Weapon when she fought Kotaro in Round 5.

America (OU): His roommate and Government teacher, when Zero put up the notices America helped Kotaro read what they said, and confused him further. At the beginning of Round 3 when America was a Weapon Kotaro spoke to him. He reminded him that heroes needed friends. Kotaro gave him some red flowers for Red Day. America gave him a hamburger some chocolates and a card.

Arthur Kirkland (AU): A Black Blood he found hiding from the sun near the lake, he shared his parasol with him. He teaches Crime Solving, when they were taking fingerprints Kotaro finger painted. Arthur gave him detention which was boring.

Brittany Pierce: Teaches Dance and Hairography.

Cirno: Kotaro's roommate and Nephenee's Weapon in Round 2 until she was lost to Marisa. She attacked everyone with pillows at the sleepover, it was fun! Kotaro gave her some red flowers for Red Day. He wished her luck in Round 4 when she was a player, she is really pretty and can fly but she can't remember what she is. She was hurt by Day at the beginning of Round 5, Kotaro hugged her and then became her Player. He lost her to Marisa.

He saw her on the rest day before Round 6, she was by the lake and thinking.

Cornelia li Britannia: Teaches battle tactics.

Dahlia Hawthorne: She works at the Pizza place, she is nice but she couldn't tell Kotaro which pizza tasted the nicest.

Dave Strider: They fought in Round 5, Dave won.

Day: The headmistress of Conquest, she is mean. She teaches poisons.

Dolorosa: The headmistress of Fortitude, she is nicer than Day.

Dunleavy Mallorough: The mayor, she announced the ship.

England (AU): Teaches advanced summoning.

Feferi Peixes: Suzaku's Weapon when he fought Nephenee in Round 2. She was Sis' Weapon in Round 4. She got all of her upgrades mysteriously. He told her she was really pretty and having all her upgrades would help her win.

Flynn Scifo: He got punished at the beginning of Round Five. He later was found attaching warning signs to all the taps, Kotaro thought that was a good idea. He teaches cooking.

France: Teaches Existentialism and the Anxiety of Immortality versus the Anxiety of Mortality, Kotaro has no idea what is going on in this class.

Gino Weinberg: They met at the sleepover, he had pizza. He was nice and teaches fashion (which sounds boring). He saved Kotaro in the pillow fight! He told Kotaro sleepovers needed scary stories and lifted him onto his shoulders so he could tell one. He was Aisha's Weapon during Round 6 and they went into the dungeon together.

Giovani: Teaches Geology.

Golbez: He offered to give blood, Kotaro bought him an upgrade for it. He took him to the infirmary, his blood tasted really yukky because he wasn't human. But it worked and Sam got better. He gave him red flowers for Red Day and told him they were allies. He teaches astronomy which is fun but hard. He gave a test and Kotaro drew stars.

Holy Empire of Britannia: She was Dave's Weapon when they fought in Round 5.

Ishitzu Ishtar: Teaches Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian.

Jade Harley (AU): A girl he met on the train, she was really nice. She was looking for her friends but couldn't remember what they looked like. She lived with her dog named Bec and they went on fun adventures into the jungle! Bec has magical powers. Kotaro told her he was a Black Blood and she promised not to tell anyone. She offered to give blood and Kotaro bought her a memory. He gave her red flowers for Red Day. She gave him a picture of her, Bec and Kotaro playing. They agreed to draw together one time when they didn't need to fight. They fought in Round 5, Jade won, they went to the park afterwards.

Kevin Smith: He was Lemina's Weapon in Round Five when she fought Kotaro.

Kamui: A Black Blood he met at the train station at the start of round 3. He didn't say much but was very pretty and nice. He gave him red flowers for Red Day. Kamui was confused and Kotaro explained that they were allies. He told him he couldn't remember allying himself with Kotaro and Kotaro told him that allies were good things to have.

Karkat Vantas (OU): Kotaro hugged him on red day and got screamed at. Karkat made him cry, Kotaro doesn't really like Karkat he is not very nice!

Lelouch vi Britannia: Sis won him in Round 4.

Lemina Ausa: They fought in Round 5, Lemina won.

Marisa Kirisame: They fought in Round 5, Marisa won.

Nanami Yasuri: The head prefect of Fortitude.

Neophyte Redglare: Teaches Criminal Justice.

Nephenee: He first met her on the train, she agreed to try and help find his brother and was very nice. She has very pretty hair and is the Farming and Gardening teacher. She had never been on a train before and thought it was pulled by horses. They met again in round change and Nephenee became Kotaro's Player. He told her about vampires and she was a bit scared, then they went to train.

They discovered Kotaro's Weapon was a teddy bear which wasn't very useful. Kotaro told her about guns, which she had never heard of either. They drew on the walls together in Conquest campus. She drew her home, she had forgotten a lot of things but Kotaro is sure she is a hero. He took her to meet Sam. After Kotaro's scary story they spoke about Kowloon children and Nephenee seemed scared again.

In Round 3 Nephenee was a Player again and Kotaro was once again her weapon, he asked her to protect Sam as well. She agreed to give blood and Kotaro bought her a memory. He gave her red flowers and a picture of a heart with a smiley face for Red Day. He told her that she and Sam were his favorite allies. She got him a huge cookie and a memory charm, Kotaro remembered how to fold paper aeroplanes. She was Sis' Weapon in Round 4 and in Round 5 she was Kotaro's Weapon. He lost her to Jade. On the restday before Round 6 he had enough money to buy her a memory.

Prussia (AU): She teaches Prussian Military Tactics and Training.

Rafiel: He was Nephenee's weapon in Round 2, she won him off Yuri. She used both him and Kotaro together in a battle. Nephenee won him again in Round 3.

Rebecca Harcourt: She seemed very excited about meeting a vampire. She offered to give blood and asked for a memory in return. She was a bit rude and thought she could beat Nephenee. He gave her red flowers for Red Day.

Recette Lemongrass: He bought a parasol from her on his first day, she owns the shop she is nice.

Reimi Hanamori: A girl who was drawing in the city, Kotaro joined her.

Ringo Oginome: She was watching the ducks on rest day before Round 6.

Samuel Henderson: Another Black Blood. Kotaro met him whilst he was drawing in the courtyard. He looked like a vampire but said he was human. He was very dizzy and had a headache. He is the school nurse and promised to look out for Kotaro since his brother wasn't there. They spoke for a while and Kotaro thought he was a vampire, but one who had forgotten. It was obvious Sam needed blood and Kotaro set about hatching a plan. Later he took Nephenee to meet Sam because it was important that his friends knew each other. He became Nephenee's Weapon is Round 3.

Kotaro made a network post to try and get people to give blood. He took Golbez to Sam who took blood from him with a needle, then he felt better though he passed out because he remembered he was a vampire. Then he forgot again... He got Kotaro a apple and a card for Red Day. Kotaro got him some red flowers and a picture of a heart with a smiley face. He was Kotaro's Weapon in Round 5. He asked on the network for Weapons for Kotaro so Kotato wouldn't have to fight, Kotaro told him he was fine and could fight.

On rest day before Round 6 Kotaro visited him at work and took pizza, they talked about trolls and there strange blood. Kotaro told him he had bought Nephenee's memory charm.

Santana Lopez: The very mean Prefect girl he met on the station. She told him he had been kidnapped and his brother wouldn't be able to find him. She is the prefect for Conquest and is really mean. Kotaro doesn't really like her.

Sherlock Holmes: He is the Science of Deduction teacher but never turns up to class...

Sis Strider: She spoke to him on the network and told him that he should pay people if he wanted their blood. He agreed to buy her a memory, she told him she was technically dead but he didn't understand how that could happen. She is the sword teacher, Kotaro likes that class though he struggled at first since the swords were bigger than him! She got a wooden practice sword for him though so he could practice. He took her to the infirmary to give blood. He gave her red flowers for Red Day and told her she was his favorite teacher. He gave her the memory at the beginning of Round 4 and became her Weapon. The memory was hand signs so she could talk to her brother.

Sora Himoto: She offered to give blood, she didn't want to be paid but he bought her a memory anyways. He gave her red flowers for Red Day. She was Jade's Weapon when they thought in Round 5.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sis won him in Round 4.

Spain: A man who he met in town. He taught him how to play football! It is a really fun game! Nephenee won him in Round 3. On the rest day after Round 3 he met him again but he seemed different.

Suzaku Kururugi: Someone Nephenee fought in Round 2.

Tear: His roommate, teaches accounting and money management. Kotaro doesn't understand this class at all and spends most the time drawing. He doesn't understand why you would buy things just to sell to someone else. He gave her red flowers for Red Day.

Yellow: They met at the sleepover.

Yuki Yagizawa: A very nice girl he met on the train, she helped him look for his brother.

Yuri Lowell: Someone Nephenee fought in Round 2 using Kotaro's weapon.

Zero: Some man that wants to lock them in jail, or rescue them from jail... or something...


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